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the storm itself is #12k35i9ing, now the -- dissipating, now the people affect -- are dealing with the aftermath. at least 95 people have been killed by the storm in the united states and canada. about 4.5 million people are without power through 15 states. there are also reports of fuel shortages in the east coast states. the storm caused nearly $20 billion in insured losses. overall, sandy could mean $50 billion in economic losses. that would make this storm the fourth costliest catastrophe in
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united states history. chris welsh has more. >> reporter: the damage is unimaginable. the toll on human life and the financial devastation are still being tallied, but in the areas hardest hit, it's time to move forward. >> our job has moved from saving lives to rebuilding them. >> reporter: the long road to recovery meant a long wait on thursday. new york commuters faced a choice of standing in lines for buses or trying to get to work on their own. >> not only our train, 35 minutes door to door. >> reporter: 9-23 subway lines are still not running. much of 34th street remains in the dark. people there need food and help. >> we're going to have to find some longer term solutions to
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this. >> reporter: gas station lines stretched for mil >> three hours . a lot of patience and sanity. >> reporter: the presidential candidates are venteduring back on the -- venturing back on the campaign troil trail. >> there are no democrats or republicans during a storm. >> reporter: politics is moving back on the agenda. >> four more years! >> i know that the biomimicry folks are chant -- obama folks are chanting four more years, but our chant is five more days. >> reporter: there are still millions of people without power. in new york city, the mayor said it could be until next weekend before some folks in some burrows see their power restored. as the cleanup continues on the east coast, we are getting a better look at how much damage was done by this storm.
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>> reporter: the damage from sand severy widespread but it appears that -- sandy is very widespread, but it appears that the jersey shore line in particular bore the brunt . this is what a small peninsula looks like, and here it is afterwards. this is what the casino pier in seaside heights, new jersey, looked like before the storm. and here's now. an entire quarter of the pier has been broken off. sheer a bridge to the north, before and after. the storm has washed away the western end of the bridge. there was also a lot of damage and flooding further inland. this is before and now after the storm. the entire wall of this apartment complex has fallen down, and finally this is the entrance to a parking garage in new york city. this is the before shot, and here's what the
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same spot looked like afterwards, flooded with several cars sticking out of the water. no. [ crying ] >> oh, my god! >> hi hand some! >> an emotional moment in new jersey where a family was finally reunited with the family cat. they had to leave the pet behind when hurricane sandy forced them into a shelter, but local police managed to find the cat and return it to its family. back here at home, higher crime with fewer officers to fight it. the oakland police department has asked the -- california highway patrol for help. >> reporter: following
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the briefing at chp headquarters, officers headed to -- jumped in their patrol cars. >> we have been able to show a significant decrease for calls of service, the reporting of crimes, and incidents of criminal behavior on the minor and major level. >> reporter: more than a dozen officers will provide additional boots on the ground for an oakland police force in need of more officers. they will work in their own cars in designated areas throughout the city. >> these areas are designated by the command staff of the oakland police department personnel as they evaluate crime statistics within the city of oakland. >> reporter: officer sam morgan says his officers will respond to a variety of calls from
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burglaries to domestic battery. >> within the level and scope of our training and ability, handle the call or turn it over to the police department for them to handle. >> reporter: a timetable has not been set on how long this collaboration will last, but in the past, they have gone on for about 90 day, then the situation is evaluated to see if more time is necessary. oakland police search for a gunman on the loose who shot and killed a store owner. police san vassed international boulevard as community neighbors mourn the death of wilbur-bartly. he was a beloved figure in the community well known for his generosity. >> my father was an amazing
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man. [ crying ] >> he did things that he did not have to do, he did them without question, without reason. he just did. he gave continuously. ly without a second thought. if he felt it was going to help you in any way, he would do that. if someone could take his life for money or whatever, we still don't even know what it was! like that's crazy to us. we need to know. >> wilberis oakland bur is oakland y's 108th homicide this year. >> 48 in novato. i adjusted our morning
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lows to reflect more 40 degrees readings. a live look outside. visibility still not great. we're seeing fog along the coastline and reduced visibility in the north bay. visibility looks fine through the rest of the bay area. through the overnight hour, dense at the coastline, patchy fog elsewhere. cloud coverage and temperatures in the 60s, but warmer weather on tap for the weekend. also the annual big wave battle is back! when the window opens for maverick's surf competition. plus it's smaller but is it better? we take a look at the ipad mini. >> later in this broadcast, the giants, the day after the parade, they're not fooling around! adios to a player with a pretty big name. ah.
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new information about the september terrorist attack on the u.s. consul eat in benghazi -- consulate in benghazi. there was a 25 minute gap between the initial call for help from the consulate and officers arriving at the u.s. mission. officials say the recovers used the 25 minutes to get weapons loaded into vehicles while others were on the phone trying to get local friendly militia to help. this new information comes in response to a news report which said that officers on the ground were ordered to stand down during the attack. u.s. officials say that is simply not true. >> we are done with the wet
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>> >> the maverick surf competition window is about to open! and a new sponsor has been announced. >> reporter: officials say november 9th is the beginning of the window for the surf competition at pillar point. they're hoping for excellent waves this year. last year it was canceled because the waves never materialized to the size the surfers need. and mavericks is going to be having a new
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sponsor this year, doko cameras. we are expecting some excellent video to come out of the competition this year. a northern california man is recovering after fighting off a great white shark. he was surfing all hum bolledt -- >> it pinned me under and shook me. i opened my eyes underwater and punched the shark on the side of the head until it released me. >> stevens got a wave and managed to swim away from the shark toward other surfers who lay on top of him to keep him from bleeding out. the only thing keeping him from the ocean now is having to get a new wet seuss and surf board.
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the ipad mini goes on sale in apple stores tomorrow morning at 8:00. preorders are sold out. and if you order through apple's website now, it will take 2-3 weeks to ship. gabe slate tells us what to expect tomorrow. will it sellout like past devices? >> reporter: we're not seeing anyone line up or camp out for the mini, but it is early. it is soldout online. if someone really wants to secure this device, they might line up tomorrow. there might be lines. here's a look at the price breakdown. the mini is $330 at its cheapest and goes up to $660 with indicta plans -- data plans. it is the most expensive of the smaller tablets, but it
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looks like the best of them so far. it's $130 more than the kindle fire or google's nexus 7. and at $330, it's only $70 less than a full-sized ipad 2. should i buy it? the diehard apple fans, they will buy this, they will want it. i've had my hands on it. it is awesome. it's light, really thin , like a smaller ipad. it's better for on the go when you're out and about or traveling. it fits in your purse, your pocket. so people who have an ipad but wish it was a little smaller this, is for you. if you read a lot, this might be for you. trying to hold your ipad up in bed and read a book, it gets too heavy.
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the mini is so height rate, it's great -- light weight, it's great for reading on. we're still seeing pretty clear skies over most of the bay area, but fog is forming in some locations. and we will be seeing fog through the overnight hours. into tomorrow, a little bit of cloud cover rolling in with a storm sitting offshore. that's going to keep temperatures in the 60s. saturday and sunday, more sunshine expected, and temperatures will be warming into the 70s, even the upper 70s for the inland valleys by sunday. temperatures out the door tomorrow will be chilly. we're already in the 40s in some spots now. 40s are expected through the north bay valleys, the livermore valley, and portions of the south bay. into 50s and 60s tomorrow by noon, 60s are where we stay. neighborhood by neighborhood,
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san raphael 45, half moon bay 44. fog is forming in half moon bay right now. highs tomorrow a few degrees warmer than today. upper 60s, low 70s in the south bay. 70 in and los gatos. 65 in alameda, 66 in hayward, low 60s for the coastline. 63 in san francisco. the looking extend, tomorrow slightly warmer still in the 60s though. warmer saturday, sunday, monday. temperatures hitting the 80s in the inland valleys by monday. things cool back down through next week with a chance of showers by thursday. good news for starbucks! the company says its sales are perking up after a sluggish last quarter. existing stores saw a 6% increase in sales. next year starbucks plans to open 600 new
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stores in asia. just last month, the first starbucks opened in india. skufrs say they also -- executives say they also expect sales to be up because of the company's single-cup homebrewing machine. two raider rivals go head-to-head on thursday night football.
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well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee. actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig.
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good evening, everybody. it's time to focus on who needs to be signed and who has to go. so aubrey huff, no longer a san francisco giant. that's the play of 2010. he was one of the key ingredients in the giants win he want did the song business. earned himself a $22.02-year deal. for the giants, that was pretty much the end of his productivity. last year, all types of problems. hit .192, 7 rbis, 1 home run. as a parg gift, he received -- parting gift, he received a $2 billion buy-out. angel pagan and jeremy hafelt, the giants want to resign them. the offer would be for at least $13.3 million for one year, they're not going to do that.
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so giants fans, if you're a fan of afelkt and pagan, they're going to do it under their own timetable. i'll give matt cain credit that he bought for his teammates 25 bottles of crown royal xr. that's a very smth-blended -- smooth-blended canadian whiskey. and jacky is laughing. it amazes me though when -- it's 11:24. when you hear a guy, we love you! we couldn't have done it without you! we love northern california! let's get out of here so we don't have to pay state tax. within 24 hours! [ laughter ] >> i was
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doing some minor complaining. a lot of schools have to readjust their halloween parties. even my kids. so you do the thing, and then these guys, no, if we waited till thursday, these guys would have all left town. >> well, not necessarily! >> okay, so they just lied to me. that's why they do it! these guys have to -- not have to, but in their defense, you've been working for 6 month, you're keyed up, you want to go home. and they make good salaries. want pay state tax another day? get the hell out of here! >> it doesn't work like that! [ laughter ] >> but it's the principle of the thing. i would prefer that you see them in the offseason. now? get without out! [ laughter ] >> thanks for coming, fans,
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glad it took you three hours to wait for the muni. now goodbye! norv surrounded we negativity. the chargers game with -- oh, come on, jacky. you want me to sit here and skill drool? they -- still drool? anyway, norv turner, a j smith were both on the hot seat. the san diego union said they're going to be fired if they didn't win tonight. they win 31-13. could i ask our staff up there to stop and go to the last tape? you can do that. we have a new system here that causes ad libing. get that last tape up. the best halloween cost ume of last night. >> that's great! >> and thank you, rose an. she had to jum
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jumble the tapes around. ah.
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